What you stand on can dress-up or dress-down your event but you can be assured that you will have solid footing with PRO EM National Event Rentals. We have experience transforming what would be considered unusable space into a functional and accessible area. We will strategically place subflooring to ensure a functional flow of event spaces. Our floor-covering options are endless, so hardwood, tiles, carpeting, turf and other popular flooring materials enhance your event style or theme. PRO EM will transform any area into a functional entertainment space.

Flooring Options include:

Sub Flooring

All finished floors require a solid base for installation. Sub Flooring is constructed to level surfaces such as grass, dirt and other unlevel surfaces. Its protective material is a sturdy base for the floor covering you have selected.

Elevated Flooring

Raised level flooring adds versatility to an otherwise unimaginable event space. They are structurally sound and are capable of being elevated to different heights to will provide a flat level surface for your entertainment space.

Floor Coverings

More event designers are paying closer attention to what’s underfoot and demands for style and function. Aesthetically speaking, all flooring needs to be durable, safe and secure. From casual Astroturf and indoor/outdoor carpeting to more sophisticated hardwood flooring and foot-stomping dance floors, our experts will create a flooring scheme that is the perfect fit for you.

Pool-Truss Systems

Using a unique structural support technology, an in-ground swimming pool can become the spectacular focal point of a special occasion or event. Clear Lucite dance floors with lights double as a water feature. Or additional event space could be acquired when covering a pool with a solid material. Our engineers ensure a safe and stable assembly.

Rental products may not be available at all locations, please contact us for details.

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