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The Easy Guide to Dance Floor Rental for Events

wedding dance floor rental

Organizing a successful wedding, private party or corporate event is all about thorough planning and having the right team to coordinate every element, and one of these elements is a dance floor.
Organizing a successful wedding, private party or corporate event is all about thorough planning and having the right team to coordinate every element, and one of these elements is the dance floor.

As dance floor rental experts, we’ve put together this handy guide on renting a dance floor. We hope it helps you to provide the perfect boogie space for your guests.

Let’s begin by talking a little about the purpose of a rental dance floor…

Why rent a dance floor for your event?

You can dance on any floor, right? Well technically, yes, but renting a dance floor is not something you want to overlook when planning a once-in-a-lifetime wedding, birthday party, or special event. 

A dance floor provides the ideal focal point for your event space, whether it’s in an outdoor tent or an indoor venue. It also gives your guests a designated area to show off their dance moves. 

An event, especially a wedding or private party, is all about bringing loved ones together, making connections, and lasting memories. A rental dance floor will encourage your guests to dance together and congregate in one allocated space. 

Without a dance floor, guests may be unsure about whether they should get up on their feet. 

And although you technically may be able to jive on most surfaces, a purpose-built dance floor will always be the best surface for showcasing your dance moves and helping to keep everyone safe!

Practicalities to think about before renting a dance floor

Before you search for a dance floor rental near you, we recommend that you think about the below technicalities.

The size of the dance floor you rent will depend on several factors, including the style of event you’re organizing, the number of guests that will be attending, and the design of your event space. 

We always think that a full dance floor looks better than a sparse one, so try not to overwhelm your space with a rental dance floor that’s too big. Equally, you don’t want it to be a tight squeeze. At PRO EM, we have decades of experience in creating successful events and making sure all elements are tailored to your guests. We will be more than happy to advise you on what size of the dance floor will work best.

Rental dance floor design inspiration

You should also consider where you will be positioning your dance floor. 

If your event is taking place outdoors, a dance floor can help to add structure to your event space. Dance floors can even make an outdoor event space bigger – we often cover pools with outdoor dance floor panels to utilize all the available space, which makes a pretty cool feature, too!

Arranging wedding guests’ tables around a dance floor can encourage friends and family to get up on their feet and celebrate together, and make sure they all get a perfect view of the first dance. 

Keep in mind that the dance floor is often where the DJ, sound, and lighting equipment will be. But don’t worry, our event professionals will check all this out on your behalf, and guarantee that all the technical aspects are covered.

Now let’s look at the different styles of dance floors available to hire.

Styles of dance floors for rent near you

You may be surprised to know that the dance floor you rent can enhance and complement your theme. Gone are the days of one standard dance floor style – today, there are plenty of designs to choose from:
  • The most traditional style of dance floor is wooden parquet. This neutral design can slot right in to any event and can look very smart, especially if your event is taking place in a period property.
  • But if you’d like a more modern dance floor, a LED or holographic style could be for you. These can add a real feature at your wedding or party, as well as a place to dance. LED starlit dance floors provide some sparkle and are great for nighttime parties, for example.
  • Shiny gloss dance floors are also very popular and for good reason. They are simple yet very stylish and are available in a wide variety of colors to suit your event’s theme. Shiny white gloss looks particularly elegant at outdoor weddings.
  • Other dance floor styles include classy black and white checkerboard, and colorfully illuminated disco dance floors
PRO EM National Event Services have a huge variety of dance floor styles. From traditional to themed, we have a portable dance floor available that’s ideal for your event. Request more info

Dance floor installation and removal

Any event’s success depends on the vendors that connect all the elements behind the scenes. Whether you’re an event planner organizing on behalf of clients, or you’re planning your own wedding or special party, you should be able to relax in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.  Portable dance floors and outdoor dance floors are specially designed to be quick and efficient to install and remove, but they require an expert team to make the whole job seamless and stress-free.  Our aim is for you to be totally oblivious to the hard work that our team put in, including transporting, installing, removing, and cleaning the rental dance floor.

Rely upon the professionals at PRO EM National Event Services 

You get the complete package when renting a dance floor from us – the perfect dance floor, great service, and professional installation and removal. We care about each and every event we help bring to life, and we take pride in our excellent reputation.

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