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The 5 Most Important Backyard Wedding Rentals You Need For Your Wedding | You Don’t Want to Forget These!

Your engagement is a flurry of romance and excitement – you just can’t wait to marry the love of your life and create a beautiful day to remember forever. 

That said, it soon dawns upon the soon-to-be-wed couples that creating this beautiful day takes a great deal of planning. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, a day to cherish and reminisce about for the rest of your life, so it’s crucial that certain details are organized and planned to a T, especially if you are planning an outdoor or backyard wedding!

Orchestrating your wedding can be low effort and low stress for you if you know what you need to prepare for, or if you just leave it to the hands of the professionals like us at PRO EM

Before you can do that, however, it’s essential to make a list of backyard wedding rentals you’ll need to arrange.

An Outdoor Wedding Rental Checklist From the Event Rental Experts

We’ve put together a list of the most important wedding rentals you will need for your backyard wedding to give you a solid starting point.

It covers the more practical side of what you’ll need to rent or discuss with your wedding venue/coordinator in the early stages of planning. We include tents for outdoor weddings, china rentals, the best dancefloors to rent, and more.

Let’s get started!

1. Rent an Outdoor Wedding/Event Tent

Tents are an integral part of all outdoor and backyard weddings, from clear tents to luxury tents, heated tents, and everything in between! 

Wedding rental tents are an effective way to host a large number of people – and provide protection from the sun or rain. There are even heated tents for weddings if you are planning your special day in a colder climate or time of year!

Tents also act as a blank canvas, so you are free to decorate and style however you like.

Renting a wedding tent may not be your top priority, but it should be if your wedding ceremony or reception is going to be outside… yes, EVEN if it’s supposed to be hot and sunny.  You never know what could happen, and you don’t want to be scrambling the day of your wedding. At least have an option ready for you!

It’s also essential to think about the setup and disassembly if you are planning on renting a large wedding tent. When you rent a tent with us, the behind-the-scenes elements are all included, so it’ll be a totally hassle-free process that’s done professionally and seamlessly.

How much are outdoor wedding tent rentals you ask? Get in touch with our friendly team today for a free quote based on your individual event.

Rent a tent

2. Find the Perfect Wedding Furniture

Next on the checklist is furniture. Your wedding is a time to be creative and express your individual personalities – it’s a day all about you, so don’t be afraid to put your stamp on it. And the furniture is a key way to add style. Even if you are tying the knot in a wedding venue, it’s worth asking what furniture will be provided, and if you can make any additions. For example, it’s a good idea to add some comfortable breakout zones with sofas and cushions for guests to chill out and mingle. And perhaps you can make use of your venue’s outdoor space with some fun garden furniture? It may help if you break your special day down into time chunks, for example, ceremony, photographs, cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing, and then consider what furniture you’ll need at each stage. If you’re planning your wedding from scratch and hosting it yourself, you may well find that renting your furniture from the same company as you rent your tent saves you a lot of trouble. Outdoor wedding chair rentals are key! Plus, renting your wedding decor and furniture will save you tons! Think about that added money you could put towards your honeymoon! Wedding tents are large and robust enough to host your entire wedding, so your outdoor wedding furniture rental can serve different purposes throughout your special day. Work with your wedding rental decor team to plan and create the most functional, comfortable, and unique-to-you day!

3. Source dinnerware rentals & glassware rentals for your wedding

Food and drink are a key part of any wedding. And making the meal extra special with on-theme and quality flatwarechina and glassware is something to add to your checklist. 

These little details are easily overlooked, but they really can add extra sparkle and style to your special day. Your wedding venue may well provide this, especially if they are taking care of the catering, but keep in mind that it may not be to your taste.

And if you’re hosting your wedding outdoors, especially in your backyard, you will also want beautiful AND sturdy dinnerware and glassware. There’s nothing more annoying than a gust of wind blowing everything over.

You can go as simple or fancy as you like with your dinnerware, but we would say the most important things to keep in mind are that everything matches, and that you have the proper glassware for your cocktail hour and after-ceremony drinks. Your guests definitely shouldn’t drink champagne from a wine glass, for example!

Need a hand with dinnerware and glassware? Contact PRO EM today

4. Light up your special day

Just as dinnerware can help to bring your theme to life, lighting is super important for setting the mood and atmosphere of your wedding day. And it’s a necessity for your outdoor wedding if it’s in the evening. Backyard wedding lights are essential.

If you want a rustic country theme, then cute string lights will look perfect. Or if your style is grand and opulent, embellished chandeliers will look the part. And don’t forget the disco lights for an evening full of dancing!

If you are hosting your reception in a luxury tent, lighting is especially important, and it gives the blank canvas personality and warmth. Similar to our rent a wedding tent service, we also take care of installation and removal when you use our outdoor lighting rental services.

5. Don’t Forget the Dance Floor

Let’s end this checklist with the final section of your big day…the dancing!

Whether you opt for a live band, cool DJ, or make a soundtrack of all your favorite songs, you’ll need a dance floor to fill.

Dancing with loved ones with zero inhibitions is a joyful end to your wedding day. And a wedding is indeed a joyous occasion.

You may well check this straight off if you’re getting married in a venue with a dedicated party area, but if you’re going for an outdoor backyard wedding reception, renting a backyard wedding dance floor is a must-add to your list.

A dedicated dance area for guests to come together at the end of the night is a surefire way to end the most important day of your life on a high. Get a free quote on a dance floor to rent for your upcoming wedding.

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