Amir Glogau

Amir joined PRO EM as CEO in June 2011 and took over as Chairman of the Board in October 2016. He has recently resumed the role of CEO, and brings extensive experience as a Chief Executive Officer, Board Member and Entrepreneur. He has more than 25 years of experience in business turnarounds and growth management as well as experience in M&A transactions and private equity.

After serving in the Israeli Air Force as a Resources Allocation Coordination Officer, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from The College of Management in Rishon Le-Tzion, Israel. In 1993, he obtained his Certified Public Accountants License from The Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Tel Aviv, Israel. He is fluent in English, Hebrew and German. Amir serves as a member on the Board of Advisors of the Arizona Israel Technology Alliance, and a Founder and Managing Partner of Citrine Capital Partners.

Amir is a proud father to three beautiful daughters and has a passion for spiritual exploration, meditation, reading, hiking and dark chocolate.