Allison Fornari

Allison Fornari, Vice President of Operations at our Chicago Branch

Allison Fornari is a talented and seasoned executive with over 8 years of experience the industry. She brings a wealth of expertise with strengths in areas such as sales, on-site event management, event logistics, CapEx purchasing and management, financial forecasting and budgeting, safety training and implementation, and operational standardization. With an abundance of hands-on experience, Allison has a strong understanding of various components of our company and industry.

Currently, Allison oversees the sales and production team on all day to day operations at our Chicago branch. Allison also leads the implementation team for companywide optimization and standardization.

No job is too small or too big to take on in Allison’s mind, “If we have the right people in place and we work as a team, we can take on anything!”